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Terere is the Cold Herbal Tea Paraguayans Drink

Pronounced “teh-rhee-RAY,” terere is the cold herbal tea Paraguayans drink. Similar to mate tea but served cold and usually including medicinal herbs known as yuyos (pronounced teh-ree-ROH) that have healing properties, terere is an integral part of Paraguayan culture and particularly popular during hot summer months when its cooling properties and thirst-quenching abilities help relieve thirst.

Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis), native to South America and best known as Argentina’s national beverage, was introduced by Jesuit missionaries to Guarani Indians as part of their diet by Jesuit missionaries and quickly took root as part of daily life. Containing caffeine, theophylline and theobromine – stimulants found in coffee, tea and chocolate respectively – this drink offers similar energy as coffee combined with smoothness typical tea offers and healing properties of herbal tea for healing components of herbal tea!

Though modern society has altered the practice of drinking yerba mate to an extent, and has no longer held such religious significance, its consumption remains an integral component of Paraguayan life. Traditionally it’s enjoyed within a circle of friends or family with each person using a straw from a hollowed out gourd known as a guampa; considered social and cultural drinks that pair nicely with cookies, cakes or empanadas in cities, while in rural areas with plates full of meat-and cheese pies!

Paraguayans create their terere (mate in Spanish), in contrast to its consumption in Argentina, by steeping yerba mate leaves in cold water for approximately 15 minutes before adding medicinal herbs called yuyos for flavor and health benefits. Yuyos may be added not only for their flavors, but also as treatments for headaches, stomach ailments or fatigue.

Lemon verbena and mint are often added to terere for their cooling effects, along with strawberry, orange and lemongrass tea tisanas. Artificial sweeteners are not commonly used as Paraguayans prefer natural sweeteners like Ka’a He’e (Stevia rebaudiana).

Preparing terere is an involved and time-consuming process, yet very rewarding. To ensure maximum quality in the finished product, ensure your yerba mate has been brewed for two minutes then allowed to cool before adding your yuyos. This process ensures that yerba mate is steeped properly to extract all its flavors and compounds, while when drinking terere it is customary to sip as much liquid through the straw as possible while making loud slurping noises. Slurping the Guampa as a sign of gratitude and friendship is also an integral part of enjoying Terere with family and friends, creating a momentous occasion which they often look forward to with great delight. Some families can spend hours enjoying this delicious tradition together!

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